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Nexus exclusive software features detailed in new report

by Brandon Russell | August 4, 2016August 4, 2016 2:45 pm PST

Night Light, ambient display improvements, and other new features are apparently coming to Google’s rumored Nexus releases later this year. According to Android Police, which has been pretty on top of big leaks over the past few months, Google is preparing to introduce exclusive new features to its Settings app alongside the previously rumored Google Support tool.

Google’s Night Light feature—an axed Night Mode briefly appeared in an early Android N Developer Preview—will make the screen warmer so it’s easier on the eyes at night. Android Police says the feature can be set with a custom schedule or simply turn on or off during sunset and sunrise. There’s a nice GIF at the source link of Night Light in action. Pretty standard stuff.

The other possible feature coming to Nexus devices includes a new double-tap gesture that will initiate ambient display mode. Rather than raising your device, you can simply double-tap to see what notifications are waiting for you. Again, pretty standard stuff, but nonetheless very welcome from a usability standpoint.

Android Police says it’s very confident in the information above, so we should expect Google to talk about some new features when the new Nexus devices are finally unveiled. Remember, Google’s Sundar Pichai hinted the Nexus lineup could receive exclusive features, and these appear to be just a few of what to expect.

Previously, the APK for an unreleased Nexus Launcher leaked, which you can see in our hands-on.


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