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Galaxy Note 7 might support Daydream, but Samsung won’t say

Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 and a brand new Gear VR headset, but for virtual reality fans, there’s still one lingering question that needs to be answered. We still don’t know if the newly-announced smartphone will support Google’s Daydream platform, and Samsung isn’t spilling the beans.

UploadVR recently asked the South Korean company for clarification and got a pretty vague answer. Samsung noted that is has a “long-standing partnership with Google,” adding that we should stay tuned for more information when Daydream launches this fall. The firm also wouldn’t reveal whether USB-C, which is included in the Galaxy Note 7, is a required spec for Google’s new virtual reality platform.

Samsung also has a strong relationship with Oculus, which provides software and apps for the Gear VR. So it’s possible the Facebook-owned company is blocking the Galaxy Note 7 from supporting Daydream. That seems pretty unlikely, though, considering the potential blowback from angry customers if it turned out to be true.

Google previously listed Samsung as one of many companies set to launch Daydream-ready smartphones, along with HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, ASUS and Alcatel. So far only ZTE has released a confirmed Daydream-ready phone with the Axon 7, and we still don’t know the exact hardware requirements.

Clearly, Samsung could confirm Daydream support right now if it wanted too, and the fact that it hasn’t is a little scary. So if you want your next smartphone to work with Daydream you should probably hold off on the Galaxy Note 7, at least for now.


Jacob Kleinman

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