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Apple Music for Android is no longer just a beta

by Killian Bell | August 4, 2016August 4, 2016 4:00 am PST

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Apple Music for Android has finally lost its beta tag almost nine months after it first hit the Google Play Store. The latest version of the app also brings new features to Android users, including the ability to access an equalizer.

Android isn’t a priority for Apple, so it’s probably not too surprising that the Apple Music app was in beta for so long. However, if the company wants to attract as many people as possible to its music streaming service, it must deliver a good experience on all platforms.

That’s exactly what Android users can expect now that Apple Music is out of the beta testing phase. The app should be stable and reliable on all supported Android devices, offering an experience that’s just as seamless as that on iOS.

Not only is Apple Music out of beta now, but it has also picked up some new features with its latest update. Users can look forward to an equalizer in the settings menu, plus improvements to performance, playback, and stability.

During its beta period, Apple Music for Android picked up a whole host of new features, including family plans for up to six users, support for music videos, and a home screen widget that lets users control media playback without opening the app.

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