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Suicide Squad was mangled by worried studio executives, says report

by Brandon Russell | August 3, 2016August 3, 2016 12:15 pm PST

We had high hopes Suicide Squad would help turn the DCEU around but early response to the film has not been kind. So where did it all go wrong?

The Hollywood Reporter has a lengthy scoop detailing what may have happened behind the scenes, and it isn’t pretty. Among conflicting edits and rumors of reshoots, Warner Bros. executives were apparently reeling from poor Batman v Superman reviews, causing the studio to interfere with the movie director David Ayer was trying to create.

From the start, the movie was in trouble, THR says, marred by an “ambitious” production schedule, a director untested in making tentpole movies, and executives stricken by anxiety. The report cites Fox’s Fantastic Four as a recent example of just how bad studio intervention can be although Suicide Squad’s fate isn’t quite as dire.

However, the report highlights how desperate studios are to match the quality of Marvel, which continues to turn out beloved movie after another. Things got really bad when Batman v Superman was panned by critics:

A key concern for Warners executives was that Suicide Squad didn’t deliver on the fun, edgy tone promised in the strong teaser trailer for the film. So while Ayer pursued his original vision, Warners set about working on a different cut, with an assist from Trailer Park, the company that had made the teaser.

Once two cuts were made, both were screened for test audiences, and apparently the “lighter, studio-favored version” won. A source close to the movie’s production says common ground was eventually found between the two edits, which is what audiences will see in theaters on Friday.

Warner Bros. has several other movies planned that take place in the DCEU, and from what we’ve seen, films such as Wonder Woman and Justice League are shaping up to be great. Hopefully, these few missteps will reveal a sharper focus and movies fans have been waiting to see.

Check out the rest of the report at the source link below.

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