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HoloLens now available for all, but it’s still crazy expensive

by Jacob Kleinman | August 3, 2016August 3, 2016 11:00 am PST

Microsoft just got one step closer to launching HoloLens as a consumer product, though we’re not quite there yet. The augmented reality headset is now available to buy for anyone, but it still costs a whopping $3,000 to grab the Developer Edition.

That’s still a nice improvement from the previous system, which required you to fill out an application and hope for the best. Now anyone in the U.S. or Canada can buy up to five HoloLens headsets at once. You’ll need a Microsoft Account, but that’s it.

Microsoft is also rolling out an Anniversary Update that focuses on enterprise customers. The new commercial suite for HoloLens makes it possible to manage multiple headsets at once from a single computer. It also lets you set up a private store that only shows your company’s own apps, and introduces a Kiosk Mode that lets you hand HoloLens to customers while still offering a carefully curated experience.

Microsoft clearly isn’t ready to bring HoloLens to a mainstream audience just yet, but today’s news is still encouraging. As a result, we should start to see the headset pop-up in offices and even stores, where companies could use it to offer exciting new shopping experiences. We just hope a consumer version, with a palatable price, isn’t too far behind.


Jacob Kleinman

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