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Galaxy Note 7’s power saving mode lets you adjust display resolution

by Killian Bell | August 3, 2016August 3, 2016 5:17 am PST

Samsung’s new power saving mode, which comes baked into its latest TouchWiz interface on the new Galaxy Note 7, gives users the ability to adjust display resolution to take full advantage of their remaining battery life.

The Super AMOLED panels Samsung ships on its latest smartphones are some of the prettiest you’ll find on a mobile device. They’re truly outstanding. However, their super sharp Quad HD resolutions mean they have millions of pixels that require a lot of power.

That’s fine when you have plenty of battery life, but at the end of the day when you’re low on juice, it could become a problem. Not with the Galaxy Note 7, which lets you scale down your display resolution to make the most of the power you have remaining.

There are actually three power saving options on the Note 7, according to SamMobile. One is “off” and it’s pretty self-explanatory, while the other two are “mid” and “max.”

When you select the “mid” option, the display resolution is automatically scaled down to Full HD (1080p), and performance is limited to prevent things like the CPU and RAM sapping too much power.

When you select “max,” the display resolution is scaled down even further to 720p, network usage is disabled, and animations are turned off. CPU speed is also reduced even further, which means things like multitasking could become difficult.

What’s great about Samsung’s new power saving mode, however, is that each of these modes is customizable. So, if you want to, you can prevent the “mid” mode from scaling down to Full HD, and prevent it from limiting display brightness.


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