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Galaxy Note 7 features a blue light filter to match Apple’s Night Shift (UPDATED)

by Jacob Kleinman | August 3, 2016August 3, 2016 11:20 am PST

The Galaxy Note 7 has a ton of exciting new features to check out when the phone launches later this month. We already showed you our top five, but there’s one more feature that deserves a closer look: the blue light filter.

Most displays emit blue light meant to imitate natural sunlight. That’s fine during the day, but at night it can trick your brain into thinking the sun is still out and can make it difficult to fall asleep. Filtering out the blue light leaves behind a softer orange-ish glow that won’t keep you up all night.

Samsung decided to include the new filter, which you can find in the Galaxy Note 7’s display settings menu. A simple toggle lets you switch the blue light filter on or off. You can also access the same toggle from the phone’s quick settings panel.

This isn’t an original idea. Apple already offers Night Shift, which automatically filters out the blue light each night. Before that, third-party apps like F.lux and Twilight served the same purpose. Google’s also set to offer a similar feature with its upcoming Android Nougat OS, but Samsung clearly didn’t feel like waiting around for the update.

It’s still unclear exactly how the Galaxy Note 7’s blue light filter will work. Does it include an automatic setting like Apple’s Night Shift, or do you have to toggle it on and off manually every time? We’ve reached out to Samsung for clarification and we’ll update this post if we hear back, but either way it’s still a nice new addition to the company’s software.

Update: Samsung tells us you can control the Galaxy Note 7’s blue light filter manually, set it to change automatically with the sunset and sunrise, or create your own custom schedule.


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