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Etrian Odyssey V 15 minutes of footage shows character creation and combat

by Ron Duwell | August 3, 2016August 3, 2016 6:30 pm PST

Etrian Odyssey V launches in Japan this Thursday, and 4Gamer has uploaded 15 minutes of gameplay to get fans hyped. The series is one of the best on the JRPG market these days, and this is the first original entry since 2013’s Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan.

In the footage, we get a glimpse at Atlus’ new character creation system. It’s not a deep system by any means, but the color choices give enough options to create avatars that fit your ideal image.

Other footage includes a bit of story and new NPCs, but the best comes from the combat, which introduces a new “Unity” attack mechanic. Etrian Odyssey V allows certain moves from the different character classes that can be combined into a combo or a single bigger attack. That’s some Chrono Trigger business right there.

Etrian Odyssey V looks fabulous, and after two remakes, I can’t wait to see how Atlus’ dedicated team has evolved its formula for an original release. The game is available this week in Japan, but no localization has been confirmed yet for North America.


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