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Dragon Ball Fusion’s battle gameplay looks like a world of fun

by Ron Duwell | August 2, 2016August 2, 2016 7:00 pm PST

I’m still big on Dragon Ball Fusion, and not even middling reviews in Japan can keep me down. Indeed, you can do more in this fantastic little RPG than splice together your favorite Dragon Ball characters and laugh at the results.

There is a battle system, and it’s not really like anything we’ve seen before. Teams of five will battle against one another in a small circular arena, and the whole point is to clobber opponents in a certain direction. Doing so will knock allies and enemies apart like balls on a pool table, and any unit who leaves the circular area loses a turn. Of course, there are RPG elements and massive attacks behind this as well, but the core battle system itself looks like a blast.

And yes, five characters can fuse into a single, ultra powerful character, and the results are just marvelous. The chibi-art looks great for a Nintendo 3DS title, too. Why don’t we have a confirmation on this in English yet?

Dragon Ball Fusion is available now in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. No word from Bandai Namco yet on its localization.


Ron Duwell

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