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Blizzard games like Overwatch down as DDoS attack ruins our night

THIS POST REFERENCES AN EARLIER ATTACK. If you’re reading this post on September 18, 2016, there is a new DDoS.

Blizzard is currently suffering a DDoS attack. Its games are offline or unstable while it deals with the issue.

Firing up the client results in a screen that looks like the one below. The ticker at the base reads as follows.

Players are currently experiencing high latency and disconnections as a result of DDoS attacks towards certain internet service providers. We are currently monitoring this situation and will provide updates as they become available. Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.

Battlenet Hack

And here’s Blizzard’s latest on Twitter.

A group is claiming responsibility. You can see their tweet below. Some are suggesting that this group was pushed by the recent cheater ban wave Blizzard put in motion.

All I wanted to do tonight was chill out and play Overwatch. I want one of those sweet Summer Games skins that are rolling for a limited time. Hopefully this one is resolved quickly.

I have been able to connect, but the connection hasn’t lasted.

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