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No Man’s Sky can be beaten in 25-30 hours, says leaker

by Joey Davidson | August 1, 2016August 1, 2016 10:00 am PST

While I have been doing my absolute best to stay away from all the leaked footage that’s come from Redditor daymeeuhn and his copy of No Man’s Sky, this particular stat caught my attention.

In the practically infinite universe of No Man’s Sky, the object of the game, beyond survival and exploration, is to reach the center of the galaxy. According to daymeeuhn, this can be done in roughly 25-30 hours, if the gamer knows what they’re doing.

Mild spoilers start here. Apparently, there’s a specific resource that players can gather that actually fuels really powerful hyper jumps. This resource is not all that rare, so players can hit planets quickly, gather the resource and jump forward by great distances. Doing so allowed daymeeuhn to cover a huge chunk of the game in a small gap. Here’s what he says regarding the game’s exploration pace with this fuel.

I’m about halfway there. 30% of the 100% distance has been just from the last few hours alone.

With a YouTube video explaining how to do this I think someone could reach the center in no time, 20-30 hours easy.

I’ll say that I simply find this metric interesting, not so much disappointing. No Man’s Sky has always seemed like the type of game that will give back as much as I’m willing to put in. If I want to hunt down a fuel jumping resource and skip all the exploration that’s been hyped in order to quickly “beat” the game, then I guess I have that option.

Personally? No thanks. I’ll be taking my sweet time here.

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