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Uncharted movie still alive as Sony hires new writer

by Brandon Russell | July 31, 2016July 31, 2016 3:00 pm PST

Nathan Drake’s adventures aren’t over yet, as Variety reports the film adaptation of the popular Uncharted franchise is still alive. It’s been a pretty long time since there was any movement around the project, but with the release of Uncharted 4 in May, interest has been renewed in bringing it to the big screen, especially because developer Naughty Dog has hinted it’s done with the Uncharted franchise once and for all.

Variety says Sony has picked Joe Carnahan to write the script; no director, actors, or any other details have been disclosed. Carnahan has previously had a hand in movies such as Narc, The Grey, and Smokin Aces, experience that would lend itself well to the Uncharted world. For now, Carnahan is just committed to writing Uncharted though Variety says there’s a possibility he could also direct the flick.

Uncharted has all the trimmings to make for a thrilling movie adaptation. There’s treasure hunting, action, romance, fantasy, and plenty of humor. I’d be very surprised if The Rock didn’t star in it because he stars in everything these days.

Whenever there’s been forward movement on the adaptation, there always seems to be two steps back. Let’s hope Carnahan can turn in a script worthy of actually bringing the film to a wider audience—even Xbox fans.


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