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World of Final Fantasy screenshots show Blitzball, Gilgamesh, and one new veteran character

by Ron Duwell | July 29, 2016July 29, 2016 11:00 am PST

A lot of images from the adorable World of Final Fantasy have made their way onto the net via Square Enix today. The main purpose of these screenshots is to show off certain mini-games and a part of the story. One classic character has also found her way into the game. Can you search the gallery and find out who she is?

Yup, it’s Eiko, the child summoner from Final Fantasy IX. She joins black mage Vivi as the only confirmed representatives of their game.

Other images include a Blitzball, which will obviously be a mini-game in the final product, and a racing mini-game through the dungeons. An incarnation of the classic villain/summon monster Gilgamesh also shows up, and he looks like he will be reprising his role as a baddie alongside another evil, white-laden being.

Oh, and the chibi-male lead rides a dangerous Behemoth. How adorable!

World of Final Fantasy launches for the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 on Oct. 25.


Ron Duwell

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