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PlayStation VR area requirements revealed

by Jacob Kleinman | July 29, 2016July 29, 2016 3:30 pm PST

PlayStation VR is set to launch on October 13, bringing Sony’s take on virtual reality to the world. We’ve already had a few chances to try out the headset in controlled demo environments, and now we’re learning a bit more about what the home setup process will entail.

A new document released by Sony reveals that the PS VR requires about 60 square feet of free space so the required PlayStation Camera can work. The company notes that you’ll likely want to clear an even bigger area just to be safe. You should also stay seated “whenever possible.”

By comparison, the Vive only requires at least 32.5 square feet for room-scale, though it can support a space as big as 15-by-15 feet (225 square feet). The Oculus Rift doesn’t require much space for now, but that will likely change if you want to use the Touch controllers set to launch later this year.

Sony’s brochure suggests trying a PS VR demo to make sure you like it before buying the headset for yourself. The company notes that your friends can also watch along and even play some multiplayer games thanks to the headset’s Social Screen feature.

PS VR is set to arrive in just a few months. If you already pre-ordered the headset, or you’re planning on picking one up at launch, you may want to start thinking about clearing out some space for your new virtual reality room.

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