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Twitter Stickers officially launch to take on Snapchat

by Jacob Kleinman | July 28, 2016July 28, 2016 2:30 pm PST

Twitter is finally rolling out its new Stickers to everyone after announcing the feature last month. The update makes it possible to adorn your photos with emoji and other images before tweeting them out.

Stickers are easy to use. Just start a fresh tweet, add a photo and then tap the new button, which looks like a smiley face. You’ll see a list of popular options divided into categories, along with the option to scroll through Twitter’s entire library of cartoony images. Once you pick one you can resize it and drag it around the photo. You can also place multiple Stickers on one picture.

Competing services like Facebook and Snapchat already offer similar features, but Twitter is adding an interesting new twist. You can tap on any sticker that pops up in your timeline to see a list of tweets that used the same sticker. It’s like a visual hashtag.

The new feature is actually pretty fun. It’s simple to add Stickers and entertaining to see how other people used the same images. This probably won’t be enough to help drastically boost the company’s growth, but it’s a nice update for Twitter’s current user base.

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