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Snapdragon 830 rumored to launch early next year, uses 10nm process

by Jacob Kleinman | July 28, 2016July 28, 2016 11:00 am PST


Qualcomm just launched the Snapdragon 821 this month, but the company’s next big chip is already on the horizon. A new rumor claims the Snapdragon 830 coming down the pipeline with some exciting new technology.

Qualcomm’s CEO allegedly confirmed this week that the Snapdragon 830 will launch early next year using a 10nm process. The news comes from a tipster on Chinese social network Weibo and there’s no hard evidence to back it up. So we’d treat these claims with a grain of salt, even if they mostly make sense.


The California chip-maker typically releases its latest flagship processor early in the year, so that part checks out. We could see the Snapdragon 830 unveiled as soon as January 2017, though it probably won’t ship in any new smartphones until a few months after that.

As for the 10nm process that seems to be the general industry trend, with Intel and MediaTek both heading in the same direction. Qualcomm’s latest chips rely on a 14nm process, and the switch should make it possible to pack even more power into each processor while also reducing power consumption. It could even allow for a smaller chip design, leaving more space in your device for other components.

The Snapdragon 830 is still about six months away, assuming it really is launching at the start of next year. Until then you can expect to see the Snapdragon 821 used in most new flagship Android phones set to launch in the second half of 2016.

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