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Metal Gear Solid V Defintive Edition leaked through several retailers

by Ron Duwell | July 28, 2016July 28, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Believe it or not, Konami is prepping another AAA home console release. It might be a re-release of a game it put out last year, but at least something from the company is showing that it has a pulse.

This new Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Edition has been spotted and subsequently pulled at several online retailers, including and German retailer Net Games. The latter of the two shows that Konami plans to give the game a “Happy Birthday” release of Oct. 30 this year, but I’m in agreement with others out there. This sounds a lot like a placeholder date.

We are fairly sure that if this edition proves to be real, it will include Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain, and any DLC that happened to come out over the course of last year.

It’s just a rumor for now, but with at least two major retailers showing signs of it, we’re pretty sure this will pan out. Now, we have to wait for Konami to end its silent treatment and actually confirm it.


Ron Duwell

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