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Dragon Quest VII “Discover Battle” trailer – More than just island hopping

by Ron Duwell | July 28, 2016July 28, 2016 6:00 pm PST

We’ve talked a lot about the main goal of Dragon Quest VII around here, so much so that I wouldn’t blame you if you thought island hopping was all that happened in the game.

Nope. Like any good JRPG, you and your party are going to have to get down and dirty with some rough customers. This new “Discover Battle” trailer from Nintendo explains just how dangerous fighting in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS remake can be. Like Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey, Dragon Quest VII operates under the idea that absolutely every battle must be a struggle for survival.

One wrong decision, even in a random overworld fight, can send you packing back to the castle with half of your money depleted.

Now, the grand debate between Dragon Quest fans has always been a “first-person” or a “third-person” viewpoint. Do you want to see your characters attack (like in Dragon Quest VIII and IX) or no characters at all (every other game in the series). This remake finds a happy middle-ground between the two parties, employing a viewpoint that still shows battles from an over-the-shoulder camera angle, a series first.

Strange times we live in, when Dragon Quest offers compromises between two groups instead of sticking to its guns and forcing one or the other to fall in line.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past launches for the Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 15.

Ron Duwell

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