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Pokémon GO has over 75 million downloads worldwide

by Ron Duwell | July 27, 2016July 27, 2016 5:30 pm PDT

Pokémon GO has reached an astronomical level of downloads across the entire planet. Research firm Sensor Tower concludes that the game has extended to over 75 million devices since it first released, and it has shattered countless records along the way.

Most impressive is how long it took for the game to reach 50 million downloads. Through its research, Sensor Tower claims that Pokémon GO took just 19 days to get there. Not so bad, huh? Well, compare it to these other popular free-to-play hits.

Pokémon GO 50 million

And the game still has a few countries like South Korea and China to be released in. How much longer until it reaches 100 million downloads? Heck, it’s probably already there.

First our smartphones, then… the world. Look out Earth, Pokémon GO is coming to get you!

Sensor Tower

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