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TEPCO: Stop chasing Pokémon in Fukushima radiation zone

by Ron Duwell | July 27, 2016July 27, 2016 12:30 pm PST

And you thought the Holocaust Museum and Auschwitz were bad places to play Pokémon GO. While gaming in those places is just straight up disrespectful, we would hope that this latest place of infamy would be a place you wouldn’t go to just out of plain common sense.

And that’s the Fukushima Radiation Zone. You know, where nuclear meltdown happened six years ago and spilled radiation all around the surrounding area. Yeah, that place.

Don’t go there!

You would think people would want to stay away but as always, people need to chase Pokémon and have been ignoring the border set up. Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Co. (TEPCO) has issued an official warning to stay out of the zone, no matter how tempting the PokéStops inside are. And it joins the growing list of places requesting that its sensitive areas be removed from the game.

Yes, I realize the irony in catching mutated Pokémon and the thrill of holding a gym in one of the most dangerous places on Earth is something you could really brag about on the Internet. But really, is it worth your life?

I didn’t think so. As always, remain vigilant when playing this game, not stupid.

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