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Ember Nextbit Robin launches for $299 – Someone hide my wallet!

by Todd Haselton | July 27, 2016July 27, 2016 8:30 am PST

Nextbit announced on Wednesday that it’s now selling a red, or “Ember,” version of the Nextbit Robin. Someone hide my wallet, because I’m ready to order… and I already own the limited edition Kickstarter model.

As you’ll note from the images above, the Ember model has bright, neon-looking caps on the top and bottom of the phone, giving a unique look you won’t find on any other smartphone in the world. Interested parties can order the phone beginning today. It carries the same $299 price tag as the other Nextbit Robin colors but there’s limited stock, so you’ll want to grab one as quick as possible.

Nextbit also announced its August software update on Wednesday, which includes Android’s July security updates and thermal tuning to prevent the Nextit Robin from running too hot. Beta testers will also find new smart storage support for videos, which automatically backs older videos up to the cloud if they aren’t being watched. “When a video is archived, a thumbnail remains on your local camera roll so you’ll never forget it, even if you never watch it,” Nextbit explained.

Hit the source to grab the Emer Nextbit Robin now.


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