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Nintendo NX a portable console that connects to TV, runs on NVIDIA Tegra – Report

by Ron Duwell | July 26, 2016July 26, 2016 7:00 am PST


Sources over at Eurogamer have reported on the nature of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo NX. As expected (and admittedly hoped by me), Nintendo will use the device to bridge the gap between home console and dedicated portable gaming device.

Eurogamer describes it as a “a high-powered handheld console with its own display” that “is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required.” So, when taken on the go, it is a high-end device like the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, and it can also be plugged into a television and used as a home console.

The “brain” of the device, located in the handheld, will connect to the TV through a wireless docking system. Sources claim that the console will use cartridges, not optical discs, but it will still allow for downloadable games.

Eurogamer’s Digital Eclipse also claims that Nintendo will power the machine using NVIDIA Tegra tech, and it has a much more thorough rundown on its website.

And finally, when it comes to PR, Nintendo is avoiding the complicated messaging of the Wii U by keeping it simple. “Play your games at home, and take them on the go,” seems to be the message.

Virtual Console will be a dream come true, and I never even had to buy into the New Nintendo 3DS Super Nintendo line-up. If it plays Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, that’s all the better.  No word on backwards compatibility yet, though.

Nintendo wouldn’t confirm or deny Eurogamer’s report. I’m willing to bite into it, though.


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