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Huge Galaxy Note 7 leak reveals new iris scanner and S Pen details

by Jacob Kleinman | July 25, 2016July 25, 2016 6:45 am PST

The Galaxy Note 7 is all but certain to come packing an iris scanner following numerous leaks and reports. Now a huge batch of alleged screenshots claims to reveal how the eye-scanning sensor will work, along with a few other new features coming to Samsung’s next flagship phone.

The images, which were leaked to Android Authority, mostly focus on the iris scanner. The new biometric sensor is listed in the Galaxy Note 7’s “Lock screen and security” right below Fingerprints. Tapping it appears to bring up a long list of potential issues with the technology, suggesting it could be a bit of a hassle to actually use.

It looks like Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner won’t work if you’re wearing glass or contact lenses, if your eyes are narrowed or puffy, if the device is tilted, if the phone is held lower than your face, if the light is too strong or not strong enough, or if the sensor is exposed to moisture.

On another page, Samsung emphasizes that you’ll want to use the iris sensor away from direct sunlight and without anything covering your eyes for the best results. You’ll also need to hold the device about 10-13 inches from your face while positioning your eyes inside of a pair of circles displayed onscreen.

As for the upgraded S Pen, the leak reveals one new feature called Glance along with familiar options like S Note and Smart Select. Glance lets you section off a specific part of the screen to record video. It also makes it easy to turn that footage into a GIF.

Finally, the leak reveals a few other changes coming with Samsung’s new Grace UX. There’s an updated app drawer with some new icon designs. You can also see the curved edge display in action, though none of the panels pictured here are actually new.

Overall, it looks like the iris scanner will be the biggest new feature coming the Galaxy Note 7 when it arrives next month. Let’s just hope it turns out to be a useful addition and not just another gimmick.

Jacob Kleinman

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