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Candid app promises a safe online forum using AI moderation

by Jacob Kleinman | July 23, 2016July 23, 2016 5:00 pm PST

The internet can be cold and unforgiving place. Most popular social networks are full of angry trolls, embarrassing family members or both, but a new app called Candid is offering an interesting take on the social network by combining a classic online forum with artificial intelligence.

Candid relies on AI to moderate its thousands of message boards and communities. The software uses natural language processing to analyze every post so it can remove objectionable content, flag negative posts and redirect off-topic comments to the appropriate forum. It can even track down hate speech, threats and slander for quick deletion.

The same software can even identify rumors and verify them by checking on Twitter and searching the web. Based on the results those posts will get marked “True” or “Rumor.”

Candid is also secure and totally private. The app won’t track your IP address and all data gets encrypted. Each time you post in a new forum you’ll get a new randomized username so people can’t track you, even inside the service.

If you’re interested in checking out the app you can grab it for iOS and Android now via the source links below. There’s a quick signup process designed to start you off with some relevant communities based on your interests, job and where you live, but after that you’re good to go.

Jacob Kleinman

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