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Square Enix announces its first Apple Watch RPG

by Ron Duwell | July 21, 2016July 21, 2016 6:37 am PDT

Exclusive Apple Watch RPGs are now a “thing,” thanks to the valiant efforts of Square Enix. The JRPG pioneer is one again paving new grounds to become the first major publisher to produce an RPG for Apple’s wrist tech.

The game is called Cosmos Rings, and it is expected to get a worldwide release later this summer. The game uses a “Time Upstream System” that will order players to do certain tasks at different points in the day based on the player’s step count.

Cosmos Ring’s story takes place in the “Interval of Time,” home to mankind’s emotions. Time has stopped flowing and will only start again once you walk. The ultimate goal is to revive the Goddess of Time, and that is accomplished by battling different human emotions. No further specifics have been provided.

The game is being produced by Chaos Rings developer Takehiro Ando and visual designer Yusuke Naora, who has worked on a good number of Final Fantasy games as well as the Chaos Rings series.

No idea what to make of this one, and since I have no Apple Watch, it might be a while before I can try it.

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