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Nintendo’s stock actually drops after Pokémon GO misses rumored launch date

by Ron Duwell | July 21, 2016July 21, 2016 7:30 am PST

Japan is on edge. It wants Pokémon GO, and it wants it now!

Reports from TechCrunch claimed that the game was all set to launch in the morning on Wednesday, but when the day came and went with no Pokémon GO, new sources at TechCrunch claimed it was because of the leaks, specifically an email from McDonald’s, that developer Niantic had to delay the game. It feared too many logins right away would clog the servers and would bust the ideal launch it wanted for Pokémon‘s home country.

And with the recent delay, even investors started to show frustration. Nintendo actually closed down 13 percent on Wednesday night, and not even its record setting month could convince all investors to stay.

Despite this, Nintendo still remains up 86 percent since the game first launched.

TechCrunch’s report did get one fact right, though, and that’s that it confirmed McDonald’s sponsorship of the game. The company broke its silence on the business deal, but it provided no release date for the game. It also did not confirm the 3,000 restaurants that are reported to act as PokéStops.

And we’re back in waiting mode once again in Japan. Maybe if I try to log in twice as often, it has a higher chance of activating!


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