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I Am Setsuna available for 20% off during launch week on PC

by Ron Duwell | July 21, 2016July 21, 2016 3:30 pm PST

I Am Setsuna is a wonderful little game, one that will provide you with 20-25 hours of old-school JRPG adventuring. However, the $39.99 price tag is strangely still too high for some. Such complaints for the critically praised game are beyond me, but I just suppose that’s the way we think about video games nowadays.

There’s always a sale around the corner, and anything that’s not AAA is a $20 buy at best.

Those looking to save a bit of money can check out GMG, which while not offering discount coupons anymore, still has I Am Setsuna available for $35.99, a 10 percent discount off the normal Steam price. After the login, buyers will find it for $31.99, with the additional 10 percent off available only during the launch week.

No matter how you buy it, just be sure you do. 30-something Super Nintendo veterans will especially get a kick out of this surprising critical hit. I Am Setsuna is also available on the PlayStation 4.


Ron Duwell

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