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Chrome 52 ditches the app launcher, introduces Material Design

by Brandon Russell | July 21, 2016July 21, 2016 6:30 pm PST


The app launcher that nobody used is finally gone from desktop versions of Google Chrome. I bet you didn’t even notice.

The removal is just a small footnote in a larger update—we’re now up to Chrome 52—that also introduces Material Design elements to Mac users. Tabs, buttons, and the hamburger menu button have all been tweaked to more closely match what Android users see on mobile. Windows users still haven’t received the redesign.

As for the app launcher, it will continue to live on in Chrome OS; the launcher basically gave Chrome users a quick way to access the browser’s web store of apps and extensions, along with any Chrome apps they may have had installed.

“Anyone who currently has the launcher will receive a notice informing them that the launcher will be going away,” said Google Chromium engineering director Marc Pawlinger back in March.

In addition, Chrome 52 introduces a number of bug fixes—48 to be exact—so if you’re interested in seeing the full list head to the source link below. As 9to5Google notes, if you’re not a fan of Chrome’s new look, you can tweak a few design settings by going to chrome://flags.

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