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Snowden’s iPhone case hopes to keep you safe from fed surveillance

Edward Snowden is working on an iPhone case that will stop government snooping. The famous NSA leaker unveiled plans for the smartphone accessory on Thursday with co-creator Andrew Huang, a well-known hacker, Wired reports.

The new gadget looks like a standard battery case with a secondary black-and-white display in back, but it’s hiding some interesting capabilities under the surface. The device would connect to your iPhone through the SIM slot, with the regular SIM card moved into the case. It could monitor electrical signals sent by the phone’s GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular antennas, warning you if it detects any unauthorized activity with a notification and a loud alarm. It will also feature a physical kill switch.

Huang noted that switching your iPhone to Airplane Mode or even turning it off often isn’t enough to stop more advanced surveillance methods. Hackers can use malware to make you think your phone is offline when it’s actually recording audio, video and photos.

“You can think your phone’s radios are off, and not telling your location to anyone, but actually still be at risk,” Huang told Wired.

The device is still just a concept. Snowden and Huang don’t even have a working prototype, but they plan to develop one in the next year. After that, the gadget could be mass-produced in China and distributed to journalists and anyone else worried about government surveillance.


Jacob Kleinman

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