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Apple sued for giving out substandard refurbished devices

by Jacob Kleinman | July 21, 2016July 21, 2016 10:00 am PDT

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Apple is like a lightning rod for lawsuits thanks to its global brand and massive profits. Now a new class action filing claims the company is replacing warranty-covered devices with refurbished models that don’t work as well as promised.

It’s commonplace for companies to replace damaged products with “like-new” models, and that’s what Apple promises to do through its AppleCare+ program. However, the California lawsuit claims these refurbished iOS devices aren’t as good as new, citing issues with performance, durability and functionality in replacement units.

The primary complaint comes from Vicky Maldonado and dates back to 2012 when she brought a damaged third-generation iPad to Apple. She says she was encouraged to pay for AppleCare Plus coverage and received a replacement tablet that didn’t work like new. A few years later she experienced the same thing with a fourth-generation iPad, again receiving a refurbished device that allegedly wasn’t up to snuff.

“What Maldonado received was not a device that was new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability,” the filing notes.

Like we said, Apple’s practice of offering refurbished replacements isn’t unusual. If the prosecution can prove that these devices aren’t like-new it may have a real case, but the lawsuit is pretty light on details for now.

Jacob Kleinman

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