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iPhone 7 poll shows only 9.3 percent of iPhone owners want to upgrade

by Todd Haselton | July 20, 2016July 20, 2016 7:00 am PDT

A new poll from Quartz suggests Apple’s iPhone 7 may not be very attractive to buyers this year if Apple does not change the industrial design.

Apple is not expected to introduce a new design; several reports have suggested Apple is taking a more conservative approach this year and will not introduce sweeping changes to the look of the iPhone 7, instead holding off until next year for a new look. You can see a few leaks of what the iPhone 7 might look like in the gallery above.


A poll from Quartz, which surveyed a very small sample of 525 U.S. iPhone owners, found that only 9.3 percent of respondents are either extremely likely or very likely to upgrade to the new iPhone this year if it’s not redesigned. 45.9 percent replied that they were “not at all likely.”

A bulk of the poll participants, however, only upgrade their smartphones every three years or more (44.4 percent of them), which suggests that they haven’t really been upgrading iPhones in the past, either. Only 6.1 percent said they upgrade once a year, while another 48.6 percent said they upgrade every two years.

Apple may be able to win over users with new features, though, and it’s impossible for respondents to truly know whether or not they’d upgrade without knowing what Apple plans to introduce this September. It does, however, suggest that excitement over this year’s iPhone may be a bit more subdued than it has been for other major releases.

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