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Pokémon GO boosts Nintendo to become the most traded Japanese stock this century

by Ron Duwell | July 19, 2016July 19, 2016 12:00 pm PST

You know who’s benefiting the most from Pokémon GO? Nintendo… You know who had nothing to do with Pokémon GO’s development or publishing? Nintendo. But that’s fine, nobody seems to really care on the stock market, which Nintendo now sits on top of as the most traded Japanese stock in a single day this century.

So, how about them smartphone games now, Nintendo? You didn’t even need to develop it, and you’re rolling in imaginary cash!

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo wrapped up Friday with a 71 percent boost, and it was this boost allowed it to break the record. The stuck jumped enough to take down general heavy-hitters like Tokyo Electric, Softbank, and Nippon Steel.

pokemon stock

Just imagine the stock results when the game actually launches in Japan!


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