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Overwatch: Ana is live as the newest Overwatch patch hits

by Joey Davidson | July 19, 2016July 19, 2016 10:29 am PST

The latest Overwatch patch is officially live, and Ana is now playable for everyone in the main build of the game. She’s a free addition, like all future content for the game, so simply update and play.

Ana is a support sniper that provides a mix of range healing and damage dealing. She’s a complex character and one that folks will definitely need some time to learn. She’s also, based on my time with her in the PTR, really fun to play.

Overwatch Heroes 22

Get updating. Other heroes have been tweaked, too. Zenyatta’s got a bigger health pool, for instance, and I can’t wait to use him.

The patch is not available for console players yet. Stay tuned.

Joey Davidson

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