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Killer Instinct brings original cast to a close by adding Eyedol

by Ron Duwell | July 18, 2016July 18, 2016 6:45 pm PST

Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy has confirmed that Eyedol will be the next character to join the roster as the game enters its third season on the market. It’s a solid choice to keep the ball rolling, but for a more sentimental reason, it also does something no other character announcement could possibly do.

It officially closes out the entire original line-up. For those who don’t know or weren’t alive for the original Killer Instinct, Eyedol stood tall as the unplayable final boss. Iron Galaxy seemed to want to continue his unplayable reputation as he didn’t appear alongside Cinder, who closed out the original playable characters back in season 2.

However, from July 29, the legendary two-headed demon will return from the dead and be a playable member of the cast for the first time. This is 25 years of waiting coming to a close.

Oh wait… there was a cheat code to play as him on the Super Nintendo… oh… Nevermind then.


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