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Dead Rising remaster trophies leak a potential PlayStation 4 release

by Ron Duwell | July 18, 2016July 18, 2016 11:40 am PDT

In non-Pokémon GO news today, we have a likely rumor pointing towards a remaster of the first Dead Rising for the PlayStation 4.

As discovered by Exophase, a new batch of trophies matching the original Xbox 360 achievements has surfaced, bringing a new credible source to the story. No official announcement, even for the Xbox One, has been made yet for a Dead Rising remaster. However, PlayStation 3 owners definitely remember the game as “the one that got away.”

Remember, this game came to Xbox 360 and even the Wii, but the Sony faithful have never gotten the chance to play it. Funny how this leak has now fallen totally from their camp.

Dead Rising 4 was recently announced at E3 2016 as an Xbox One and PC exclusive for a full year before heading to other platforms. Maybe this is Capcom’s way of giving the PlayStation fans something to hold them over. Much obliged.

Again, a Dead Rising remaster hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone had any platforms revealed for it. We’ll let you know when Capcom makes it official.

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