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People are going nuts trying to find the iPhone in this picture

by Brandon Russell | July 17, 2016July 17, 2016 10:00 am PDT

We’ve all experienced that moment where we’ve dropped something and can’t find it even though it’s right there under our nose. Maybe it blends too well with the surface it fell on, or we simply just can’t spot it even though it’s staring is in the face. Once you see it you’ll be like, “How did I miss that?!”

Jeya May Cruz apparently dropped her iPhone onto a carpet and had one of those moments. Once you see the picture you’ll understand why. If you don’t believe me check out the picture below and see for yourself.

I won’t give any hints, because that’ll take the fun out of spotting the iPhone yourself. But just know that there is one in the picture, I promise. It took me a good five minutes to find it, and many of us here in the office were left stumped for even longer.

Once you see it you’ll wonder why it took you so long. Well, that’s five minutes of my life wasted. Worth it.


Brandon Russell

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