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Mercedes electric car set to challenge Tesla’s Model S

by Jacob Kleinman | July 16, 2016July 16, 2016 7:00 am PDT

Mercedes-Benz doesn’t offer an all-electric car yet, but the company is set to dive into the growing market pretty soon. The carmaker recently revealed plans to show off its EV design this September at the Paris Motor Show.

Mercedes revealed the news in an interview with Motoring, teasing an electric car on par with Tesla’s Model S. The vehicle should offer a range of between 400-500 km per charge (about 250-310 miles). It won’t actually launch until 2018, but the company is apparently set to start testing a home energy storage system in Australia later this year.

The new EV may not have any distinct advantages over Tesla’s product line, but Mercedes thinks it has the infrastructure in place to be a real competitor. The company’s brand is likely strong enough to attract lots of attention, and it also has tons of experience when it comes to manufacturing and marketing.

“Tesla’s challenge will be making the numbers of cars they say they’re going to make in the time frame they say they’re going to make them,” David McCarthy, Mercedes-Benz Australia’s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, told Motoring. “The relatively easy part is selling someone an EV. The hard part is actually manufacturing one and at a price someone is willing to pay.”

Tesla still has a few more years before Mercedes is ready to launch its EV, but the competition is clearly heating up. We’re excited to see the German carmaker reveal its design in September, and you can check out some concept images (via Motoring) in the gallery up top.


Jacob Kleinman

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