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Nest finally made an outdoor camera

by Brandon Russell | July 15, 2016July 15, 2016 1:00 pm PDT

Nest did it. Following an unceremonious breakup with CEO Tony Fadell, not to mention getting passed over for Google Home, the smart home company finally made a new product. Meet the brand new Cam Outdoor (available for pre-order now).

The Cam Outdoor isn’t all that different from Nest’s existing indoor camera, but, as the name suggests, this one has been designed to live outdoors. Now, you can protect your property without worrying about if your Nest Cam can withstand the elements. The more durable version plugs into the wall, comes equipped with a two-way microphone, and shoots 1080p HD video. Pretty standard stuff.

At $199, it’s a pretty affordable way to keep a watchful eye over your home or business. However, the Nest Cam Outdoor isn’t the most sophisticated piece of technology, instead doing the basics, and doing them well. For example, it can’t connect to an alarm, which means homeowners need to speak through the two-way mic to shoo people away.

However, if it’s alerts you want, it’s alerts you’ll get. Nest’s security cameras always look for motion and know how to distinguish between a person and a thing. You can even set activity zones, so you’ll know the moment someone pulls into your driveway. All if these features are contingent on Nest Aware, of course, which costs as little as $10 a month and lets users record 10 days of video history.

You can pre-order the Nest Cam Outdoor now for $199. Nest projects the camera will ship in 11 to 12 weeks.


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