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Battlefront is finally getting an offline mode, kind of

by Eric Frederiksen | July 15, 2016July 15, 2016 3:00 pm PDT

While it won’t ever be the single player campaign some players were hoping for, Electronic Arts is throwing Star Wars Battlefront fans a bone next week with a new offline skirmish mode.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback and your desire for more offline modes,” wrote lead designer Dennis Brannvall on EA’s Star Wars blog.

The new mode, available July 20, will be available to all players, meaning this isn’t paid DLC. The mode will let you play offline against bots in a solo mission or, if you’re playing on consoles, in cooperative split screen. You’ll be able to set your preferred difficulty level and play in Walker Assault or Fighter Squadron modes.

The post is unclear about whether this includes all maps, but says it does include multiple maps.

The post also detailed the upcoming Death Star expansion for the game, which is part of the game’s original season pass. The pack hits in September, and features new ground and space maps, new weapons, and two new heroes, one of which is a “larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for.” My best guess is Chewbacca. Or maybe the beast in the trash compactor. Probably not.

The offline skirmish mode, like I said, won’t sate those looking for a campaign, but it does give the the game a bit more value – more reason to load the game back up or to play it when it inevitably hits EA’s Access subscription services.

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