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AT&T finally brings Marshmallow to the BlackBerry Priv

AT&T has finally started rolling out the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the BlackBerry Priv. The upgrade contains new features like Doze and Google Now on Tap, plus a whole host of big improvements you’ll want to get your hands on.

It’s taken AT&T almost three months to release Marshmallow for the Priv, which initially made its debut on unlocked devices in late April. It’s by far the most significant Android release the Priv has received since it launched last November.

You might not notice Marshmallow right after upgrading, though, because it won’t really change the look of your Priv’s software. However, you should notice it’s much snappier and more stable than the Lollipop software that came pre-installed on BlackBerry’s first Android.

Your battery life will also improve greatly, and you’ll find a whole bunch of awesome new features, including Doze, Google Now on Tap, Android’s new permissions system, a better BlackBerry Keyboard, and S/MIME support.

This update comes with build number AAF355 and will be available to download over-the-air. If you haven’t already received an update notification on your Priv, you can search for the update manually from within the Software Update section in the Settings app.

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