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Google Hangouts for Android adds video messages, removes SMS merging

by Jacob Kleinman | July 14, 2016July 14, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

Google Hangouts at Google I:O 2013 - 06

Google Hangouts is getting a nice little update for Android, though it’s still lagging far behind its messaging competition. Version 11 of the app introduces video messaging so you can send short recordings to your friends with Hangouts.

Hangouts actually introduced the same feature for iOS earlier this year, but it took a while to bring video messaging to Android. To use it, just open the app, hit the camera button, record a video, and send it to a friend. You can’t actually watch the videos inside Hangouts, though. Instead, tapping the recording opens it in a separate app.

The same update also deletes a pretty popular feature. Once Hangouts 11 hits you won’t be able to merge your Hangouts and SMS conversations into a single conversation. You can still send text messages from inside the app, but you’ll have to view them in a separate thread.

Google hasn’t released the update officially, but you can grab the APK, courtesy of Android Police, via the source link below.

Android Police APK

Jacob Kleinman

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