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Google Play’s new Family Library lets you share your purchases for free

Google I-O 2016-14-Google Play

Google is launching a new service today that makes it easier than ever to share content purchased in the Play Store. Family Library lets you share apps, movies, TV shows and e-books with up to six people at no extra cost.

The new feature is available now. Once it’s set up, everything you purchase gets sent automatically to your established family, though you can tweak the settings to control exactly who gets what. The entire group also needs to share the same credit card, but you can block your kids (anyone 13-17 years old) from making purchases.

Google isn’t including music sharing as part of the deal, likely because the company is still pushing its standalone streaming service. So, for now, you can pay $15 for a Google Play Music family plan, or spend the same amount on a competing service like Spotify or Apple Music.

Google’s new Family Library is a pretty sweet offer, especially if you already use the Play Store to buy movies, books and other content. Either way, it’s free, so you might as well sign up and give it a shot.


Jacob Kleinman

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