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Galaxy Note 7 leak shows the phone from new angles

by Jacob Kleinman | July 12, 2016July 12, 2016 11:45 am PST

The Galaxy Note 7 leaked again this morning, offering up three new photos of the upcoming Samsung phablet. The latest images, which come courtesy of NoWhereElse, show the device from a few new angles.

The latest leaked photos of the Galaxy Note 7 line up pretty perfectly with what we’ve seen so far. Samsung’s big front-facing logo is missing in action, but it may simply be covered up with a screen protector. Other major features like the curved display and those mysterious front-facing sensors (possibly an eye scanner) are still in place.

From the side, you can really get a look at the sloping Edge-style display, which will apparently be the only option for the Galaxy Note 7. The top bezel above the screen also looks a lot thinner, which is particularly impressive considering all the new sensors Samsung allegedly packed into that little strip.

Finally, an image of the Galaxy Note 7 with the display turned on doesn’t reveal much, but it does suggest that the device is pretty much ready to launch. Samsung’s expected to unveil its next big thing at an event on August 2 in New York, with an official release likely coming later that month. The company still hasn’t confirmed any plans for a major announcement, but we should receive an invitation pretty soon if the rumors are true.


Jacob Kleinman

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