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New Galaxy Note 7 benchmarks confirm 4GB RAM fears

Yet more benchmarks for the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 have leaked out ahead of the handset’s official debut, all but confirming fears that it will pack just 4GB of RAM. That’s a lot less than the 6GB most rumors have promised, but still just as much as the Galaxy S7 series.

4GB of RAM certainly isn’t a paltry amount for a smartphone; most of today’s best flagships offer the same amount — if not less. But some devices, such as the incredible OnePlus 3, now ship with as much as 6GB. And that’s exactly how much we expected the Galaxy Note 7 to have.

But just days after AnTuTu benchmarks warned that Samsung’s next flagship phablet would ship with 4GB of RAM instead, leaked Geekbench results are here to back up those figures.

They also indicate the Galaxy Note 7 will feature the same Snapdragon 820 chip as the Galaxy S7 — not a newer Snapdragon 823 as some reports have suggested — and will ship with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow pre-installed.

It seems the Galaxy Note 7 will be virtually identical to the Galaxy S7 series on the inside, then, in the same way the Galaxy Note 5 was virtually identical to the Galaxy S6 series on the inside. However, it will have some exclusive features — like the beloved S Pen.

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