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Here’s our first look at Google’s rumored smartwatches

by Brandon Russell | July 11, 2016July 11, 2016 1:45 pm PST

Last week, Android Police reported on two Google-made smartwatches—code named Angelfish and Swordfish—allegedly set for a fall release. While the report didn’t include a picture of said watches, we did get a full description of what these devices might look like. Now, however, a render drawn up by the website reveals what the search giant has in store for your wrist.

Spoiler: They look like the majority of today’s smartwatches.

Android Police says the images you see in the gallery above are based on smartwatches that are “near-finished,” which means Google could make some last minute adjustments before the wearables are released. “They could end up looking totally different!” Android Police said, adding, “It’s also possible one or both could be cancelled or delayed.” Well, okay.

Google’s two watches will reportedly differ in key areas. The larger of the two, Angelfish, is said to include a number of more advanced features, such as LTE support, GPS, and a heart rate monitor. Meanwhile, the smaller watch is expected to be a more traditional Android Wear device; essentially, Swordfish is for everyone, while Angelfish is aimed at more active users. Both will apparently support Google’s new Assistant platform, which was announced at Google I/O.

Android Police went on to further explain what these devices might look like when they’re released (or not) this fall; Angelfish has more buttons plus a chunkier design; Swordfish is smaller and will support MODE watch bands.

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