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Kickstart this smart and colorful LED lightstrip

by Jacob Kleinman | July 10, 2016July 10, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Smart lights are awesome. There’s nothing like switching on a lamp from across the room with your phone, changing the color on a whim, or setting your lights to turn on automatically each morning at a specific time. It’s one of the few smart home categories that’s really worth diving into at the moment.

Ilumi is one of several companies pushing the category with a series of impressively smart light bulbs. Now the company is back with a cool LED Smartstrip that’s available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The LED Smartstrip is a pretty straightforward product. It’s 6.6-foot strip of LED lights that can bend, flex and lights up in a variety of colors including white. It’s also IP65 rated for outdoor use and controlled using Ilumi’s app with a range of 150 feet thanks to company’s special Bluetooth Mesh technology, which can create a Bluetooth network of up to 50 products at once.

You can use the app to customize the lights, pick from preset patterns or even sync them to pulse to the beat of your Spotify music. Of course, you can also set the LED Smartstrip on a timer so it lights up in the morning with bright colors and switches to mellower tones in the evening. You can even cut up the strip if you need to make it shorter or attach 3.3-foot extensions to cover extra space.

Ilumi says it only takes a few seconds to connect your new lights using the company’s free app for Android and iOS. Installation is also easy thanks to a covered adhesive on the back of the Smartstrip. It looks great backlighting a TV or monitor, behind your bed, in the kitchen or outside the house, though you’ll need to be within range of an outlet so you can plug in.

You can pre-order Ilumi’s LED Smartstrip for as little as $59, which gets you a 6.6-foot strip that should ship by December. You can also pay $99 for the main strip and two 3.3-foot extensions, or pick from a wide variety of bundles that offer different combinations of strips and other Ilumi bulbs.

This is Ilumi’s third Kickstarter project and the company knows what it’s doing at this point. Delays are always possible, but the team promises to keep its backers informed and even ask for input along the way.


Jacob Kleinman

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