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Scumbag Martin Shkreli wants your Magic: The Gathering cards

by Todd Haselton | July 8, 2016July 8, 2016 7:30 am PDT


Martin Shkreli, the guy who made himself famous for hiking the price of AIDS drugs, is looking to score some rare Magic: The Gathering cards from fellow Redditors. In a post published to Reddit, recently, Shkreli said he’s new to the game and looking for some cards to bolster his fledgling deck.

“I’m new to the game,” he said. “I’m looking to acquire some rare cards. I am a collector of wine, art and other goods. Can someone give me some resources on collecting rate cards? Specifically I’ve been told black lotus cards are very valuable. Also has anyone had any insight on Hasbro’s intention for the company? Thanks, Martin.” It almost sounds fictional, as commenters on the thread pointed out. I am a collector of wine, art and other goods. Really, dude?

Except it’s real, and Shkreli even posted the request to his Twitter account for additional exposure. Don’t sell him your cards, we already know what happens when he has control of something.

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