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[UPDATE: FAKE] Leaked Huawei Nexus photos show the 2016 stock Android phone

by Jacob Kleinman | July 8, 2016July 8, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

UPDATE: These are not the rumored Nexus phones, but indeed are the Honor 5x with TracFone branding.

HTC’s upcoming pair Nexus of smartphones have been getting a lot of attention lately, but a third stock Android device is apparently in the works as well. Huawei’s rumored follow-up to the Nexus 6P has apparently leaked online, offering a first look at the alleged handset.

The photos come to us from MotoG3; we’re not putting a ton of faith in them, but it’s still worth a look. The device appears almost identical to Huawei’s budget-friendly Honor 5X, but with the “Honor” branding replaced by the company’s official logo. That suggests we could be looking at a lower-end Nexus device for a cheaper price.

The leak also reveals a 3100mAh battery, down from the 3450mAh power pack in the Nexus 6P. That seems like further evidence that Huawei’s new Nexus won’t be a high-end device. Instead, it could be more of an entry-level option, though it still sports a fingerprint reader in back.

Huawei’s already confirmed plans for a new Nexus phone, though it hasn’t offered any details beyond that. We’re interested to see how the new device will fit in will HTC’s rumored Nexus lineup when the new fleet of stock Android phones launches later this year. Three Nexus phones at once is more than we’re used to, not that we’re complaining about it.


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