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Suicide Squad: Fresh details revealed by director David Ayer

by Brandon Russell | July 7, 2016July 7, 2016 2:30 pm PDT

This summer, arguably the biggest superhero of the year will be released, but it wasn’t supposed to be this way, as Suicide Squad director David Ayer explained in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. In it, Ayer says expectations are higher than he anticipated but remained confident in his project, which follows a group of super villains, including Harley Quinn, as they undertake a mission for the U.S. government.

“I think it can sustain it,” Ayer said, talking about expectations placed on Suicide Squad. Ayer further expanded on what a rollercoaster the project has been:

Two years ago Suicide Squad was a tertiary [DC property]. No one knew anything about it. It was a cool little playground and I was going to go make my movie. Now it’s like the hype bus. All of the attention has swung on it, and it has to carry a lot more weight than it was ever intended to.

Anticipation for the film reached a fever pitch when Warner Bros. revealed the movie’s first trailer at Comic-Con in 2015—that was nearly 12 months ago. Ever since, and especially following the disappointing Batman v Superman in March, the hype has been extremely high. Suicide Squad’s recent trailers have only served to build anticipation.

The same interview also reveals more details about the movie’s plot. We already knew Task Force X was undertaking a dangerous mission, but we didn’t know what. Now, EW’s report says the squad will battle against “a powerful mystical enemy.” We caught a glimpse of said enemy in the recent trailer, but we still have a crystal clear idea of what the team is up against.

“Throwing a wrench into all these plans is the tatted Gotham City arch-criminal, the Joker (Jared Leto), and his laser-like plan to reunite with his true love, Harley, mission be damned,” EW revealed.

For more details about what to expect from Suicide Squad, check out the source link below.


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