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Square Enix, makers of Hitman GO, tease Pokémon GO in great tweet

by Ron Duwell | July 7, 2016July 7, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

Square Enx Pokemon GO

Normally, we reserve the best gaming publisher burns for Sonic the Hedgehog. However, Square Enix is the one who is feeling a little feisty today. Pokémon GO is finally available in North America, and Square Enix isn’t exactly pleased with the attention it is getting.

The problem lies in the name, which sounds pretty similar to a list of mobile games the company has published over the psat few years. Lara Croft GO, Hitman GO, Deus Ex GO, you get the idea. This is a “Go” game, which is something Square Enix has already established on the mobile market but obviously has not trademarked. No lawsuit here, just layers and layers of spite.

This led Square Enix Montreal to do all little mock-up of Pokémon GO as if it was creating the game in its own image of what the Go games have been so far.

Oh, Square Enix. You big sillies.  I love that Snorlax, though. Who doesn’t love Snorlax? Only those crushed by his domination! That’s who!

Square Enix

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